Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hockey on Wheels

Playing hockey with my family on the Morweena rink.
What an awesome Christmas!
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just a quick note that I am doing quite well. God's peace is absolutely incredible. My pain is pretty well managed but I have had a bit more pain lately. My mind is more clear than it was and I am not hallucinating anymore. I still can't walk but rather spend my hours on the couch or wheelchair.
I've had more difficulty sleeping due to some of the medication so that is something I'd appreciate prayer for.
Radiation starts on Monday but I'll have a break on the 25th & 26th. Currently we are at my parent's in Morweena enjoying some extended Christmas gatherings.
Thanks so much for the thousands of prayers. God is faithful and is completely in control. All He asks is that we praise and trust Him.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alright...I'm sitting on my couch watching Ramona sleep. The house is cleaned up (Ramona's mom has been with us for the last few days...which was absolutely perfect), and I'm sick of trying to find gifts on ebay. Anyway, that last post was short exactly because Ramona's meds are affecting her mind quite a bit. In fact, I had to write those last two sentences for her.
As we mentioned previously, chemo is on hold as we deal with the tumor on the right leg that isn't responding.
We had a meeting with Dr. Akra on Tuesday. He's in charge of radiation and we're really impressed with him. We feel like he's putting in an impressive effort to have Ramona's radiation pushed through quickly. It's a process that, if we don't pay attention, or if Ramona isn't prioritized will get put off until after Christmas. As it looks now, radiation should begin within the two weeks. The CT Simulation that was scheduled for next week, has been moved to tomorrow.

In dealing with the long term, a radiated tumor will grow back. This means that we need to deal with a surgery to remove that tumor.
We were also able to talk to the surgeon on Tuesday...
I'm pretty sure I used to be a nice/patient person....but when people dealing with Ramona see the glass as half empty...(and I mean very empty).......

I think I'm just going to change the topic. I can't afford to be distracted by people without hope.

I'm not gonna lie. Every part of me that is a natural human being gets pretty scared in the middle of all this stuff. It's not my idea of fun to have Ramona be so heavily medicated...
I'm incredibly thankful for the thousands of people praying for us. There are also, people fasting and praying for us. Thankyou so much.

I meant what I said with "we have no Plan B". I find it so hard to live like that. I feel like I would gladly learn to trust God with everything.......if Ramona's life wasn't on the line. I have horrible visions of everything going wrong and people trying to explain to me that God is still good...and then be back to a safe, powerless God. How disgusting wouldn't that be, for God to be safe and powerless.

The Bible teaches us to pray " Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". It's our role to pray that the kingdom come.........

I'm simply angry at how many people i see sick all around me...there is provision for healing...

In my reading, and from talking with people I notice a huge difference between people who are experiencing God...and those whose Christianity is in all practicality atheism.....
Maybe I'm more frustrated with what I see in myself. When I fear, I am agreeing with Satan. I'm agreeing that God can't fully be trusted.
I read of people who have a life that demonstates "out of intimacy with God to destroy the works of the devil"
That is awesome. I could look inside myself and analyze all this stuff, but I promise you I will never figure it out. That is one of the most destructive things in Christianity, to look inside yourself and focus on all the things you could feel guilty about, or could change, or what ever.

Heb. 12:2. "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith"
...this is more than just a good idea.....
It's such a huge temptation for me to look inside myself to think of all the things that I could have done differently in the last 2.5 years, or to fear the upcoming treatment decisions......

The spirit that raised Christ from the dead is inside of us as Christians.

Thankyou for reading my smattering of thoughts. If you want get to know a powerful God who is worth trusting with your attention....this story is not done.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I was discharged from St. Boniface on Sunday and my pain is much better managed. I'm still bedridden requiring help with even simple care. My brain is not working super well but my pain meds are. Thank you so much for praying. Let's not stop believing.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Well... I'm pretty sure Ramona is sleeping now. The last few days have been a pretty big battle to get her pain under control. On Wednesday (anniversary) , Ramona was just starting with the methadone, and it didn't really start providing much relief until, to my suprise, she felt "good" enough to head out to a restaurant for supper. I guess she was getting used to the new medication and so she fell asleep a few times at the restaurant, but it was incredibly special that it worked anyway. The leg tumor continues to affect the nerves in her leg, she just realized tonight that she can't really move her right foot much any more.
Yesterday, and parts of today had a lot of pain as they continued to adjust the pain medication. It seems to be fairly effective now...although Ramona is hallucinating sometimes.
Ramona is only taking one of the two scheduled chemo drugs. This is because we are hoping to have some radiation on that right leg (consultation appointment Dec. 9) ASAP. Adriamycin and chemo do not work together.
I can't do justice to any spiritual topic with the time left on this kiosk.............we know Jesus heals....The Bible has to be speaking the truth about the power of God...we have no Plan B...
- Earl

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thankyou to everyone who is texting and wishing us a Happy Anniversay today. We're celebrating quite a bit different than planned. We have the results from the CT scan. The tumors that we previously knew about shrank, but this previously mentioned leg pain is caused by a tumor in her lower leg. It is a 14 x 4 cm tumor that must not be responding to chemo, or else it would be shrinking now too. Today will continue to be filled with meetings with medical staff. Ramona's leg pain has quickly come to the point where her morphine dosages weren't cutting the pain. We're now in the process of trying new to my point. Keep praying. We've made it this far due to prayer. Thank you all so much.

Monday, December 01, 2008's looks like we haven't written for some time. I think Ramona tried the other day...but I guess it must have disappeared.
Anyway, I guess we need to sum up the last two weeks. Ramona is heading into the hospital within a few hours to begin chemo round number 16. It's absolutely ridiculous. That's 885 hours that chemo has been pouring into her, never mind the hundreds of litres of other stuff. etc...etc..etc.

For some reason Ramona's leg continues to be a frustration. We're not sure why all the discomfort and pain is there. A bone scan for her leg is scheduled for a week from now.

This week is also the week the CT Scan is going to be done. Keep believing. It's often pretty easy for us to get discouraged with everything. It seems God has done everything except take the cancer away. It's really easy to forget all the little miracles that have happened along the way. Thank you so much to everyone who continually reminds us that you're praying.
I can smell supper,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Again

My hemoglobin Saturday morning was 118. That's got to be a record high for me! (Okay so I did have 3 units of blood this week, which might attribute to the high number) Whatever the case, I was excited knowing I wouldn't be delayed by a blood transfusion Sunday morning. So yes, we are home again.
This week was...I don't know...decent, okay, average, pretty's still chemo...but honestly pretty good. No crazy anxiety attacks which was awesome. I cut out some anti nausea meds which I really think helped. Thanks to all the prayers in that regard. Whenever I enter the hospital and get connected to my pole, I instantly have this background anxiety. It stays with me until I am disconnected and discharged. It's a constant battle to fight the feelings of anxiety. However, these feelings were just background this round and for that I'm SUPER grateful.
Here's the God story of the week:
Monday night when I was admitted I was told that I was in Room 34. For those of you who don't know, that's the absolute best room on 5B-it's the luxury suite. It's designed for palliative patients, but when it's not in use for that, the nurses are so amazing that they allow chemo patients to be in that room. I was excited but at the same time I didn't know if I could handle being in that room. That had been Andi's room for the last month and that's where I saw her for the last time.
After a mental battle I decided that the advantages of being in a private room were so great, that I would put forth a real effort. I entered the room and forced myself to sit on the bed and almost immediately, it became my old room. Before Andi was so sick, I had been in that room numerous times and all those memories came back. Even though some of Andi's Halloween decorations were still dangling from the ceiling, I was okay with it.

Tuesday afternoon one of the charge nurses comes into my room, has a seat and asks if it would be okay if they would move me. What can I say? Of course I don't want to move, but they already know that and they wouldn't move me if they didn't have to. So I agree to it. Apparently I'm going to move to a nonprivate room and it's going to happen around supper.
This was super hard for me. I had just finished telling Earl how amazing it was to be in a private room and now I had to move. I just felt myself getting really discouraged and down and so I suggested that we pray. We prayed that some crazy miracle would occur and that somehow I wouldn't have to move out of my room.
The evening nurses come on and I ask the charge when I'm going to be moving. She doesn't know what I'm talking about. I tell her that the other nurse had told me that I'd have to move because they had to accept a patient from emergency. Apparently they were not accepting this patient anymore and I didn't have to move. Wow-I prayed and God directly answered my prayer; how awesome and exciting!

For those who are asking how I'm doing. Relatively well. I've been having some ankle/leg pain that has Dr. Wong clueless. I've had it for about 2 1/2 weeks and at times I think it's getting better and then it comes back. Today has been pretty good and I'm once again encouraged that it's getting better. I don't believe it's anything serious. I had an X-ray to rule out tumors and an ultrasound to rule out blood clots. Now we just wait for it to completely disappear.
Thanks for your prayers and support

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today I went to my friend Andi's funeral.

Andi was an incredible fighter. The bravery that she fought this horrible disease with was amazing.
Andi was also hilarious-she had a great sense of humor and was cracking jokes even while she was in horrible pain.
Andi, you were such a welcoming person. There was never a time that you felt too miserable to visit with Earl & I. Even in your final days, you smiled when we visited and I knew you were glad that we were there.
Andi, you were so brave. When Dr. Wong told you that you were going to be transferred to palliative care, you still were able to put on a smile and come tell me about it.
Andi, I'll miss you.
Tonight when I go in for another round of chemo, I'll be looking at your room and be hit with the fact that you're not there. I'll miss not being able to come visit you whenever I'm lonely or bored.
I'm so glad Andi that you're not suffering anymore. Most people will never even come close to experiencing the kind of pain that you went through. You fought hard and I'm so proud!
Earl & I chatted with Bobby for a long time today, Andi. He was sitting with us during the meal. He's a great man and he loved you so incredibly much.
And so Andi, I now say good-bye.
I'm so glad we were able to meet and become friends. I can't wait to see you in heaven.
I love you

Earl Cooke, myself and Andi Jan. /08
All diagnosed with sarcoma and all having chemo at the same time
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is kind of fun, getting people to guess what kind of food I chose for my birthday!
None of you got it bang on, but the Mennonites were the closest! I had a pretty big list of things that I was debating about. Good old homemade cottage cheese perogies covered in white onion gravy was high on the list. This wouldn't have been complete without farmer sausage slathered in ketchup on the side. So good...maybe next year. :)
So the menu was as follows:
Lunch: Chili & Greasy White bread garlic toast
Dessert at Dairy Queen -Reese Twister (Only was able to finish a third of it)
Supper: (Don't laugh too hard-I know it sounds childish, but what can I say... way too normal)
Taco Salad with that amazing white sauce and New Bothwell cheese, Juicy sausage burgers with all the works including processed cheese, and Spinach salad with bacon
Dessert was this amazing Pistachio Poppyseed Dessert.
Thanks to both Moms who made such a delicious supper!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

25 Years

First of all, thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday. I truly can say that in spite of everything, I had a good day.
Yes, I got out of the hospital early Sunday morning. I've felt pretty good all week. Of course I'm super tired and weak, but I think I'm doing a lot better than last round.
All week I was hoping and praying and wishing that I would feel good this weekend. I really wanted to have a special birthday but I knew that Friday would be the beginning of my 'bad weekend'. (About a week after I come home, my white blood count always drops and I usually develop a fever. This has often resulted in me spending some quality time in emergency.)
I know there were a ton of people praying that this weekend would be different. I'm so excited because I am not writing this blog from the hospital but rather from at home! Yesterday I felt super weak and tired all day. I could tell my body was really fighting. I tried to rest a lot and drink lots of water. Usually the fever spikes in the evening. I decided that I was not going to check my temperature unless I felt really bad. As the evening progressed, I knew I had a fever but I felt okay so I just kept enjoying the evening with my family and Earl's family. Once everyone was going home, I checked my temp. It read 38.3. Not a good sign but I decided to wait it out to see if it would go down, or if I'd start to feel bad. (I'm kind of used to these things, so I know how to read my body) Just before my brother left, he prayed for me and a few minutes later I felt my body cool down. I really believe that the accumulation of many of you praying kept me from entering the hospital. I haven't checked my temp since last night-I can tell I don't have a fever. I've been exhausted today as my body is still fighting but I am so super grateful that I am doing as well as I am. Thank you everyone of you who prayed that I would have a special birthday.

Ramona I get the task of proofreading this and I find nothing here about Ramona's food choice for her birthday...I'm curious if any of you guys could guess what kind of 'normal' food she would choose after having gone almost a year with extremely limited amounts of red meat, dairy, white flour and white sugar....


Thursday, October 23, 2008 goes. From my perspective Ramona was having a pretty decent day. Last night was filled with aches and pains, and she actually never feels perfect during the day either, but this evening we realized that Ramona has gone three days without morphine. That's pretty impressive. The withdrawal effects from morphine are similar enough to what chemo feels like, I guess.

A combination of prayer, good people dropping by, and an adjustment to the nausea medication have improved the struggle with anxiety in the last two days.

When I came back to hospital tonight around 8:30. I went to the lounge to find a big group of people hanging out and having fun in there. Apparently, I had hair on my I didn't fit in. We have a neat group of people on 5B right now, all dealing with similar diagnosis es and chemos.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ramona is back in the hospital. On monday the port was put in with no complications. The whole process of this twenty minute surgery took 3.5 hours. Ramona also received two more units of blood on Monday. With all this happening chemo only started yesterday.
- Anxiety is a huge battle in the hospital
- Chemo would continue to be incredibly effective
- Our friend Andrianna is receiving horrible news from the doctors. They are talking about palliative care.

For now,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday night I went into the hospital dreading like crazy my 2nd round of chemo. I stayed the night and the plan was to put a port in Tuesday morning. (A port is a device that is surgically inserted just underneath the skin. It is placed near the heart. It serves the same purpose as a PICC.) Well, plans changed all day. Winnipeg doesn't have the kind of port I need-it needs to be shipped from Toronto. For awhile we thought we'd just put in a temporary PICC, but that didn't work because my veins are too "traumatized" from the the previous PICCs. So I was sent home Tuesday afternoon. The last I heard is that the port takes two days to get here from Toronto and so I'm expecting to go back in on Friday. I'll have my little surgery and then chemo will start immediately after.
Of course it's frustrating when things don't quite work out, but truthfully, every single day that I don't have to have chemo, is another day that God can miraculously heal me. I believe that God can and has been using the chemo to heal, but I absolutely hate going through it. As I told Earl, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Ever since my first round of chemo, I have not had one day that I have felt good all day. I still am weak, I still feel sick a lot of the time. I have to admit that I'm fighting discouragement, I'm fighting anxiety. The battle is so intense. It's hard to stay positive when circumstances aren't positive. I feel like I'm battling this cloud of anxiety that says that I can't escape feeling sick. Yes, I know God is still the same God-I know He hasn't changed. I know He is protecting me and 'covering me with His feathers' (Psalm 91) No matter what you know, Satan is still trying to discourage. And so I ask for an extra dose of prayer in the spiritual battle realm. May Satan and his discouraging thoughts flee and may I continue to trust Jesus. May I rest knowing that He only wants what is best for me and He's got me completely taken care of.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Goodbye PICC

Today my PICC left me!! After weeks of arguing back and forth on whether it was infected or not, today we finally got some clarity. The blood test I had yesterday helped figure things out. So, I am super excited about showering, finally a shower where I don't have to worry about getting my PICC wet! I'll probably have a new one put in on Tuesday, but that doesn't make sense to me cause I'll need it Monday night, so I don't know......
And that's the deal. I'm still fighting some kind of stomach discomfort and still tired and weak. I'm hoping that now that the PICC is gone, I'll start feeling better.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Yesterday the doctors all finally agreed that I could come home. So around 3:30 Earl & I came home and crashed and slept for a few hours!! I had felt so good in the hospital and was so thrilled to be home, but last night I again developed a fever. It wasn't really high but enough to realize that something was going on. We went to bed-the night was filled with shivering and sweating but not too bad. I felt a bit better today and have not checked my temperature in hours. If the fever continues-I have to go back to the hospital. I'm really hoping and praying that doesn't happen.
Tonight Earl & I went to a fundraiser for a friend who is also fighting cancer. My heart is heavy tonight as I was faced with the realities of her situation. It is only more of an incentive to keep praying, praying, praying. It was also a lot of fun hanging out with our friend, Earl who was also at the same event. Another highlight was hanging out with my chemo nurse and meeting her family.
So tonight I go to bed, praying that I can enjoy this weekend and not land up in the hospital and praying for a miracle for my dear friend.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Purple Hair

Those of you who know me, know that I would never, ever dye my hair purple-it's just not me. Well sometimes you do things you'd never do if you weren't in the situation you're in! Sunday morning as I was fighting fevers in the hospital, I noticed a few hair on my pillow and immediately my hand went to my head and gently pulled and sure enough, my hair was starting to come out. Instantly I decided to shave it and made arrangements to have a clipper brought in the hospital. However, Earl's sister and Earl thought it would be good to have some fun before I went bald and so this was my look for a few hours!
Right now, I am sitting at home and blogging. Again I'm not technically out of the hosptial, but thanks to an amazing husband who fights for me and an awesome group of doctors, I was allowed to come home for the night. I need to be back by 8 in the morning. Today I am feeling superb. I feel better than I have since before chemo. This morning something was simply just different. My white blood count is coming up and I believe that's a huge reason. My platelets are still super low, even after a platelet transfusion. It's not too worrisome at this point, but I have to be careful. I don't have a clue when I can come home for 'good'. I have not had a fever at all today, so that is a first since Friday night. As much as things are going in the right direction, the right doctors have to all agree that is is safe for me to be home. Fevers and possible infections for someone in my situation, are a big deal to doctors.
Now for the really encouraging part of my day. A year ago when I was in the hospital, there was another girl going through chemo as well. We were often in the hospital at the same time and sometimes hung out together. However, I had not seen her since then and have only sort of kept in touch. Today her mom came to visit. It was such a wonderful surprise and so good to chat, connect and relate. What was so encouraging to me, was how this woman has changed completely. Previously, she was stressed and worried(no one can blame her)but today she was fighting for her daughter, praying and believing that her daughter would live. The spiritual change was so amazing and so touching to hear that her and her daughter pray for me all the time. Medically, her situation is similar to mine. We both need miracles. If you think of her, please pray for her.
I feel like there is a spiritual battle raging. Ever since I openly stated that I believed God would heal me, a doctor has treated me much more rudely. Pray that the Holy Spirit does what He does best.
And so, that's my update.
A special thanks to Melissa who sits with me while Earl's in class and studying, to all those who've filled our freezer with food and for every single prayer.
I can't wait to get into my own bed
Good night
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramona is still in the hospital right now. She hasn't felt super good the whole time in the hospital, but considering her Neutrophils were zero for a while and the rest of the numbers were really low, I'm thankful for how good she felt. She continues to get fevers. The doctors don't know the source of the fevers.
....I guess I'll just leave you with small bits of vague info for now....I'm heading back to the hospital right away....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So, Ramona and I went out for ice cream last night. was our stuff left over in the freezer at St. B. Ramona is in emergency now. We went in last night around eleven p.m. Her white blood count is 0.1 and her platelets are 11. She is fighting with a fever too. Considering all the previously mentioned things she feels pretty good right I'm writing this, I just got a call that Ramona is being brought up to the 5th floor.
Thanks so much for praying you guys

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So, how to sum up the last week?? I sit here not having a clue what to write, so much has happened, so much intensity...
The last everyone heard medically was that Dr. Wong came into my room trying to tell me the seriousness of a possible infection. Due to this potential infection, I have been on superbug antibiotics. These antibiotics can not be taken in pill form. Therefore, they did not let me out of the hospital on Monday, neither did they let me get out on Tuesday. Now Home Care is set up and a nurse comes to our house twice a day to administer my antibiotics. I was able to go home for a few passes on Monday and Tuesday and both nights were spent at home, that was awesome, even if we had to be back at the hospital early morning.
I'm sure a bunch of you are confused about this infection, so am I. Earlier in the week I had a fever which resulted in the blood cultures showing an infection. However, the 2nd cultures taken a few days later have not shown any infection. Apparently it can take a long time for these cultures to grow, so we wait and take precautions.
I feel like I'm super slowly starting to recuperate. The couch and I are great friends. :) My pain is for the most part under control.
Thank you so much for your prayers, comments and emails. We have been surrounded by support and I thank you. It blows my mind how many people around the world are praying-thank you. And as I genuinely thank you for you prayers, I long for more as I know that it's only through Jesus that I am healed. This weekend has potential for my white blood count to drop resulting in a hospital stay. Pray that the fever stays away.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally Home

Just a quick note to say that this morning we finally came home!! How amazing to be home. Earl & I are so exhausted so maybe tomorrow I'll fill everyone in all the details.
Good night

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thankyou for posting those verses in the comments. That is really encouraging.
So...., this morning Dr. Wong comes back and essentially tells Ramona that this infection could be a big deal, and potentially fatal and things like that....and a transfusion needs to be done again...and was kind of....simply not to encouraging. Anyway, the cultures came back shortly after that showing absolutely no infection, for which I am super excited about. It is possible for the cultures to show something in the next few days if something grows..........but really...why go I'm excited about this news, I guess there is no reason to stop praying. We do realize that anything that does go wrong when you have no white blood cells is serious. Anyway, I had better go back to the hospital to try to speed up the transfusion and the technicalities that go with trying to get out of the hospital.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things to be thankful for:
-Ramona has barely mentioned words like vomit, nausea etc.
-there is only one bag of chemo left for this round.
-Ramona has been able to be in the 'comfy' room the whole time
-Nursing staff is unbelievable
-Had some incredible times of worship in Ramona's room
-Met and spent some time talking to a Christian doctor, Dr. Foerester
-Awesome friends, family, and food

.....I don't have a good title for the next part. These next things sure don't keep us from being thankful, but are important to let you prayer warriors know about...and end up being pretty difficult sometimes
-Ramona seems to have some type of infection and may need to have a new PICC line put in if the antibiotics don't take care of it
-Ramona continues to have significant back pain. Morphine in small doses does not seem to take care of it.

My time at the kiosk has roughly come to an end. Thank you so much,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a good thing that we felt peace before the chemo started. The chemo started yesterday at about 4 p.m. just super tough. There is no proper way to describe it. On the first evening when we came to the hospital Ramona was feeling horrible to begin with, but, the struggle within her was absolutely huge. "I can't do it" she kept saying........and that makes sense to me....To knowingly put yourself into a prison cell and inject poison into you that makes you throw up, shuts your digestive system down, makes your hair fall out, etc...etc..., I don't know how else to explain it, but in my mind it's the closest picture I have to the Garden of Gethsemane. The unselfishness is amazing.... We know it is going to take something supernatural to get through this.

Ramona has really been struggling with anxiety too. She wanted me to post this, to have as many people praying about this as possible. Ramona has had small doses of drugs to calm the anxiety. Anxiety is physical and spiritual, and we know prayer works for both those realms.

Last night Ramona was getting a fever too. We're not sure at all what is going on. At first, the doctors suggested it might be tumors breaking down. Then as her temperature rose to 39 degrees they assumed it must be some type of infection. During the night they pumped her full of antibiotics. This morning her temperature is down atleast, but she was feeling pretty uncomfortable, and hadn't slept much during the night so she wasn't feeling too good when I left the hospital an hour ago. She was going down for an X-ray when I left and they're doing blood cultures and urine analysis to try and figure out what is going on. When I talked to her on the phone now, she was about to enter a morphine induced rest, which is a really good thing.

Hey Mark and Raelynn, thanks for the supper. We appreciate people rallying around us and encouraging us and brightening up those st. b walls.

Thank you Jesus that when you died on the cross you paid for sins and sickness.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick note.
Ramona and I made it to the hospital around 8 this morning.
One blessing already is that Ramona's blood count looks good. (Yesterday's was filled with warning asterisks)
Chemo should start around 1:30. (Seeing as everything in hospitals always goes according to plan :) )
Where ever you are today you've got an opportunity to praise God. Thanks for agreeing with us for a miracle.

I'll see if I can print out the comments and bring them to Ramona
Well... I just spent an absolutely enjoyable evening at home with my wife and some of our friends. If you're confused, that' s okay I'll keep writing. First of all, I was mentioning that Ramona had huge amounts of pain last night. It was something unbelieveable. I don't know if I've ever seen Ramona in so much pain for so long. I know Ramona really wanted to thank the nurses for the amazing job they did taking care of her in the 2+ hours of agony before they could give pain meds.
In the morning a CT was done. The CT results weren't exactly what we would have hoped for. It was confirmed that the pain Ramona was having is a result of internal, tumor bleeding in her chest. In addition to that. In the past 2.5 weeks one of the tumors has tripled in size, and the rest have grown significantly as well.
Doctor Wong was at the point of trying to talk us out of chemo. I asked him if there was any other form of treatment he wanted to try. There is nothing he wants to do. The chemo, he says, has a greater than 0% chance of working. Better than zero, is a good thing.
Anyway, since by that point it was realistically too late to start chemo for the day we went home. We'll be back at St. B. tomorrow morning (8 am.)to get another CT scan done and then start chemo after that.
We spent this evening singing and worshipping God in our house with some of our friends. What an absolutely awesome time. It was super encouraging for us.
I hope these details help you know how to pray.

Also, I don't know how to say this. But if you are a Christian reading this. Do not limit the healing power of God. Our faith is being tested and we are far from perfect, but I do not appreciate when Christians either subtly or directly plant ideas of doubt in our minds.
We have many praying/encouraging people around us, for which we are incredibly thankful.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick update for the prayer warriors
Ramona was having incredible amounts of pain last night when we came into the hospital. At this point it's speculation what was all going on. This morning will include a CT scan as well as other tests. Chemo will wait until the tests are done. We want to praise God that the pain has subsided and ask everyone to keep praying as we expect God to glorify Himself with amazing healing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008 I sit here I don't think I have the words to describe the supernatural difference in our house......and I don't even think I'll've probably read the last few posts.... A big huge 'amen' to everything Ramona wrote. We're planing to go ahead with the chemo plans. A little bit of chemical is not going to hinder God from doing the crazy, unexpected things He has in store for us. Ramona is booked to enter the St. Boniface hospital tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Earl Cooke-healed!!!!

So I'm at my parents in Morweena. Earl is at a men's retreat in the Whiteshell with a bunch of men from Soul Sanctuary. Tomorrow we'll meet in Arborg for the Terry Fox Run.
First of all, I thank every one of you for your prayers, comments and emails. It absolutely blows me away how many prayers were lifted upward yesterday-thank you! I'd also like to thank the girls that I had supper with last night. Thank you for allowing me to be real with you and for caring so deeply-thank you for praying with me; you guys are awesome! Now, where do I start? I'm so excited about what I heard today, that I'll start with that.
A lot of you have heard me mention Earl Cooke before. (Check out the link to his blog) This last week, God miraculously healed him of cancer!!! He was also fighting sarcoma and at his last appointment with Dr. Wong, he was given hopeless news. The cancer in his lungs was spreading fast. He went in to the hospital on Wednesday to start chemo. He had pain in his ribs so tests were done and his cancer was gone! There is one benign tumor, but everything cancerous is gone. Needless to say Dr. Wong was floored! Wow, wow, wow! I've been encouraging Earl Cooke for months that he & I would be Dr. Wong's first sarcoma survivors- it's crazy to see that happening. It blows my mind what God is doing. He's constantly affirming me that He is in control and that He's in the healing business. Thank you Jesus-you deserve all honor, glory and praise!
My next story will seem stupid to many of you and I simply don't care. I'm not forcing anyone to read this blog-it's simply Earl & I pouring out our hearts, allowing whoever wants to listen, to listen. Ever since my last bout of chemo, atleast since January, I can not remember a time that I sweat. I can not remember ever smelling sweat on any of my clothes or on myself. Yesterday, I was sitting outside and smelled sweat. I couldn't believe it was me- needless to say I really stank.(Earl can definitely testify to that :) ) This was the first time that I had sweat in almost a year. To everyone else, this is nothing to be thankful for. Most people wish they wouldn't sweat. I on the other hand, long to be healthy enough to sweat. I have no idea why I suddenly sweat, but I take it to be another little sign that God is healing my body. I'll let you think what you want.
And so here I sit, trying to absorb it all in-so thankful that God is completely in control. We were created to praise Him, no matter what we're going through!
As for the decision on chemo, I'll wait to officially post that until Earl is back from the men's retreat. I will share that we feel quite strongly in a certain direction and have felt a lot of affirmation.
Please don't stop praying

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I sit here and cry. I just finished reading the comments on the blog and all the emails you've sent and I'm amazed. The crazy thing is that most of you, I don't even know! God is up to something pretty crazy, I really can't fathom it. Thank you for your encouragement-thank you for praying. I'm just so in awe of God today. Let me fill you in.
This morning, one of my close friends came over that I hadn't seen in a year. We had a great time chatting and in the process, she told me how God had healed her this past year! God had really been speaking to her about dealing with some inner stuff and as a result, she was completely healed of an allergy and other medical stuff. Talk about amazing. Talk about affirming. I just got so excited. Here I am, seeking God and the Bible for healing, and my friend, totally unexpectedly, shares her story of healing-wow!
This afternoon, after chatting with 2 pastors, about which direction to take regarding chemo, Earl & I went to the Light Christian Store. One of the pastors had suggested getting some Praise & Worship music and had suggested a certain artist, so we decided to pick it up on the way home. All day, I'd been feeling pretty miserable with pretty intense chest pain, so after a bit I sat down in the store. I always like to watch people and today was no different. I saw an obvious African couple go to the counter and I thought, proceed to buy something. I heard them talking about sales and discounts and so on and so I gathered that they couldn't afford to buy this kid's CD/book that they wanted to buy. They left the counter and returned the item. The woman was still dressed in her traditional African clothes and I started dreaming about going to Africa, etc. etc. This couple really got to me. I started to wonder if maybe I should give them some money so they could buy this children's music. I imagined that they had just emmigrated and were probably really poor. I didn't really want to give them any money-I was too shy. I felt stupid, I mean how do I know if they're poor? What if they'd be offended? Was it just my imagination? I couldn't knock the feeling, so after we payed for our stuff, I told Earl how I felt. He encouraged it and so he went and gave them some money while I went to the car. I don't normally have these kind of moments, so I went to the car and prayed that that money could be used for awesome things and that something good could come out of it. After a few minutes, this African couple and Earl come out of the store and they come meet me. Before we've even introduced ourselves they wrap their arms around me and start praying. (Earl had told them I was sick) Here we were, in the parking lot-2 white people and 2 Africans hugging and praying-crying out to God. I thought we must look pretty crazy, but I didn't care. Turns out this couple are missionaries from Nigeria. They are traveling around, speaking about healing and have even written a book on healing!!!! Not only that, their son had a tumor on his head and was miraculously healed and the father also was healed miraculously! Wow! What an incredible God we serve. They were wanting to buy children's CDs, etc. because they are passionate about children's ministries in their country.Earl & I were so overwhelmed and then we found out that they were working with a church that is within walking distance from our house. They are currently living right close by. We gave them a ride to the house that they're living and the woman of that home gave us delicious Nigerian food for supper. After supper, we attended the Bible study. Now, I'm just trying to wrap my brain around it all. I feel so blessed to have so many people praying for me. I'm just amazed how God works. It's no accident that I felt God speaking to me, to give that money. It made me wonder, how many times I miss out on incredible blessings, just because I use the excuse that I'm shy. Earl & I were blessed and encouraged way more that that money ever meant to us. Let me just encourage all of us to be bold-who knows the blessings you will receive!?!
PS. I'll try to do the Terry Fox Run in Arborg on Sunday. (hopefully bike) Love to see some of you there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, so we received my CT results on Monday. Just as we expected, the news was dismal. In two months, the tumors have doubled in size and one is putting pressure on the blood vessels going to my heart. Yes, it's scary and overwhelming. However, I told Dr. Wong that Earl & I were believing for a miracle. That even though it doesn't make sense medically, I am going to survive. I said no to chemo for now, but am really battling if I made the right decision. Dr. Wong said that I need to make that decision now, because in a month or two it could be too late(meaning the chemo would make me too sick because my body would be too sick to handle it). I believe without a shadow of a doubt that God will heal me miraculously. However, I don't know when. I am so sick and tired of chemo. The thought of it is so overwhelming that I begin to cry. The worst part by far, is being 'locked' into a small space for a week. The surroundings are so discouraging and depressive. I can't battle chemo, it's simply too much for me. BUT, I know God would somehow help me get through it. So here is where all of you readers come in. I need you, every one of you that believes in the power of prayer & or fasting, to please pray for Earl & I. I'm asking as many people as possible, this Friday, to pray specifically for direction as to whether or not I should have chemo. (Medically speaking, chemo will only prolong my life, not cure the cancer.) If God speaks to any of you, please email us at I want to go confidently in a direction and believe that God will show us which way to go.
Thanks so much for your prayers. I know hundreds of prayers are and have been prayed for me and I am so grateful. May I become a woman of God, that is one day used to impact the world and give God incredible glory. Know that every prayer is valuable and may God bless you.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey everybody,
Earl & I are now officially living in Winnipeg! We moved on Monday and are starting to feel settled in. Earl will be going to the University of Manitoba studying Nutrition and starts classes tomorrow.
My health is obviously weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. I had a CT scan last Friday and will receive the results on Monday. Unless God does an amazing miracle before Monday, Earl & I know that Dr. Wong will give us bad news. The tumor on my leg has grown tremendously and gives me a significant amount of pain. I try not to dwell on this because I firmly believe that God is healing me and that through a miracle I will survive this cancer. There are so many things that I am passionate about and long to do with my life. I don't believe that my life is over. God has wonderful things in store for Earl & I together. As much as I believe this, there are times when I doubt and fear so much. When I wake up in the night crying with pain, I wonder where God is. I get discouraged and just want to give up. Then when the pain is gone, it's somehow so much easier to trust and believe that God's in control. What a reminder to trust God-no matter how you feel, or no matter how things appear, God is still the same God and He knows what He's doing.
Pray for us to keep trusting. Pray for us that no matter how hopeless Dr. Wong sounds, that we won't let that get us discouraged, instead let him see that we serve the God who heals and who gives hope. Pray for us as we need to make decisions regarding chemo.
Thanks again for your prayers and support. Many of you have shown your support in tremendous ways-thanks for the food, the gifts, the money, the garden produce, etc. You may not receive a personal thank you note, but please feel personally thanked.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I guess there has been quite a bit going on since the last post. First, Jay and Lonita got married a couple of days ago. A huge congratulations to those kids...and I hope you guys are relaxing and enjoying your honeymoon. In the midst of the fun of a wedding we've also been talking to doctors.
Trying to summarize:
At the time of the last post Dr. Wong had essentially no hope of any good news for Ramona. A day or two later I had the reports of the scans sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, hoping that they might find some glimmer of hope. The email I got back from Mayo is likely the most discouraging five sentences ever written. There was no way to glean any hope from that email. Palliative chemo, is what he was talking about. Meanwhile, we have been talking to Oasis to see if they really knew what they are talking about. I seriously questioned them and the group of doctors saw her case again last Thursday. They called me on Thursday and stuck to their guns that Ramona is in good shape. And this has been our struggle, how can doctors look at the same scans and have such different interpretations.
Anyway, today we had a Telehealth appointment with Dr. Waddell (lung surgeon) in Toronto. To our surprise, he said that to him, all the tumors in the chest looked operable. Lung surgery is not exactly an appealing thought, but it was refreshing to talk to someone outside of Oasis who atleast had a small glimmer of hope too. He would need chemo to be done first. We asked him when he thought chemo would start. He figured chemo would need to start in 3-6 months. So this is where we are at, in the time before the doctors here think chemo would need to start, we hope it will become even more apparent that the Oasis treatment is working. We will do everything possible to boost Ramona's health during this time. We have asked Dr. Wong to have a scan done at the end of August to evaluate where everything is at.
One good thing that has happened is that medical uncertainty is a huge wake up call for us. The God who we often think doesn't care, is actually the same God who loves us enough to have sent Jesus to die for us. God does miracles, not doctors.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This is absolutely ridiculous. If we both hadn't fallen off the emotional roller coaster earlier in the day I'd know how to write. I called Oasis this morning to make sure that they were sure that Ramona is doing good.....and...they're sure. We talked to Dr. Wong today and he looked at the same scans that Oasis has and says that there is nothing her can really do for Ramona. The cancer is back full force and chemo will only temporarily slow it down...............ya.......that was the same scans he was looking at...............I'm leaving out huge amounts of important information...but I rode home from Winnipeg with Ramona listening to her talk about how she should quickly clean the house and make extra food this week because maybe she'll be having chemo soon????!... There are many phone calls and decisions to make. Please pray that healing happens somehow.....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a quick note. I'm not sure how to explain this, but we have have test results in front of us from a CT scan taken June 26th. It is the weekend, and there is no doctor here to explain the results to us. I have tried contacting Oasis clinic, and will try to call there again tomorrow. The results we see seem a lot less positive than what we believed this last week. Please pray for us as we wait impatiently to talk to a doctor......and...I'm writing just so you might know a little better how we're actually feeling right now.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We have the results! Ramona's scan shows that there is no major cancer activity and that her immune system is doing it's job! It was a little scary for me, because as I mentioned previously, the technician at Glendale MRI let me hang out in his office. This meant that I got to see some of the PET results as they were coming up. I saw what to me looked like an area of activity where there formerly was cancer. This scared me quite a bit, but I didn't know exactly what this meant. And the technician didn't either. Obviously a doctor needed to explain this to me/us. But, I didn't mention anything to keep us from both being worried. Anyway...I have a lot left to understand about the complexities of PET scans, but the important part is that Ramona is doing well. We'll spend the next day and a half here in Tijuana, getting medications....and since everything seems to be good. We'll spend some time on the beach.

This was our hotel last night.

Glendale MRI institute.

Tom Cruise's garbage cans. Like all gullible tourists we bought the five dollar, find-a-celebrity's-house map. Tom lives in a jungle...not that unlike Madonna. I guess if I was famous I'd plant lots of trees too.

We walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We are at Glendale MRI and Ramona has just had her radio-active injection and needs to sit quietly, moving as little as possible for the next hour while the injection goes to work. The scan and wrapping everything up here should take about 1.5 -2 hours. This is a nice clinic with amazing staff (I'm using his computer in a room with a few technicians and some other lady having her scan just in the room in front of me). I'm not sure how good Ramona will feel after the tests, but hopefully we can enjoy a scenic ride from here...maybe we'll detour through Santa Monica....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Back to Mexico

I'm feeling a little smug about my good deal here. Ramona told me that she would do the dishes if I would blog..........I guess atleast something useful might get done while she does the dishes....anyway.
We are heading to Mexico next week. It is three months since the previous CT scan and it is time to find out where Ramona's health is would be relatively simple to insert a line here about how we have great faith that the results will show no's not exactly always that simple to just believe....especially with what we see around us (pray for our buddy Earl Cooke,
We fly out Monday morning and land in Burbank, California in the afternoon. Ramona has a PET scan scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Glendale MRI Institute. This means that not only is Ramona's diet difficult at the best of times, in the 24 hours prior to the scan, sugars (fruit included) and carbs are eliminated too. The scan will be done Tuesday afternoon and we'll drive down to San Diego and be ready to be picked up by the Oasis van Wednesday morning. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be at the Oasis of Hope discussing the results of the scan and planning where to go next with the treatment...........
......i think we may start writing again....maybe....
We appreciate those of you who have encouraged us despite the fact that we rarely write,

Friday, June 06, 2008

Earl is now 24. We're camping at Hecla in the rain. We went under a shelter to make brunch. Earl got a bunch of camping supplies for his birthday and we had fun using them. I lit a sparkler and sang "Happy Birthday" to him for the first course of scrambled eggs.
As mentioned previously, Earl is having fun building. Here he's building a cage for my cabbage and broccoli. The idea is that the white butterflies that destroy cabbage are not able to get inside.
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Yes, I still do get to eat 'normal' food. Sometimes I just have to be super creative. (Randy's 19th Birthday)
This spring Earl & I spent a lot of time working outside. It was a lot of work cleaning up the straw that was around our house and over our sewer. We also spent some time building a cat house. Earl taught me how to shingle and use his drill. Definitely a learning experience.
We went camping for Earl's Birthday at the end of May. We got rained out on Saturday so that was really disappointing. We're hoping to just go again soon.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One year since surgery

Yes Becki & I are home! We've been home since the 5th. Nothing very new or exciting has happened. My treatments in Mexico went well and now I will just have a CT scan every 3 months to monitor my tumors. Hopefully they will keep shrinking from the Laetrile injections I get at home three days a week, the over 50 pills (nutraceuticals) I take every day and my healthy diet. I had an appointment with Dr. Wong recently and he commented on how he never expected that 2 years after I was diagnosed that I would be sitting in his office chatting. He says that he doesn't know how to treat me because my situation is not typical. I told him I was going to be his first sarcoma survivor. I really get the feeling that he knows that there is something different about me and that he is starting to recognize that. My prayer from the beginning always was that God would be glorified through this.
On a different note...
One year ago today I said good-bye to my left hip. It's one year that I had my hip and armpit surgery. In some ways it feels way longer and in others it seems like it just happened. It's exciting that a year later I'm still around and healthy and yet it's also sobering realizing that my hip and arm will probably not improve much more. Whatever came back in a year is probably all that will. My walking endurance is definitely getting better. Earl & I try to go for a walk almost every night and I can already tell a difference.
My brother graduates from his paramedics training tomorrow and it's my other brother's 19th birthday tomorrow so my family is going to the city for supper to celebrate. I'm also 'celebrating' my surgery.
That's all for now

Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday at lunch we had a pretty neat surprise. The patient representatives had decorated the dining room in a Mexican theme. They also had hired a 'band' to serenade us while we ate. It was pretty neat having 3 Mexican men sing to the patients during lunch.
Becki & I are learning how to take pictures of ourselves with the use of the reflections from the windows.

Becki's fabulous shot of a Mexican bee.
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No, I'm not really learning Spanish but since we are surrounded by so many people with different accents, my words are starting to come out rather weird. There are people here from Germany, England, South Africa, Australia, the US and so many other places. It creates an awesome atmosphere.
Treatments are going well. Today I feel a little more tired-not too bad though. Today it was a little warmer. Becki & I tried to soak up a little sun and whenever I wasn't on oxygen we went outside. It's been colder than we expected but today was nice. In a few minutes we want to go to the beach and watch the sunset.
This afternoon I took Becki to El Yogurt Place and she had some delicious frozen yogurt. Last night we walked to the theatre and watched August Rush. We were fortunate to have it in English. We've also done a little shopping and spent some time on the beach.
Right now I'm distracted by a 5 year old boy who's father is having treatment. He's trying to figure out where our room is so he can visit us. Really cute!
Have a good evening
All credit for the creative pictures goes to Becki. She's having a blast taking pictures of anything and everything. :)

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Here in Mexico

Becki & I are so glad to have escaped the snow and instead are looking at palm trees!
This is the view of Earl & my driveway yesterday morning. We had a big storm that resulted in my parent's being out of power for 40 hours and us leaving for the airport hours earlier.

Flying went really well. Nothing too exciting. We got pretty tired from 3 flights and the time changes. We're 3 hours earlier here than at home.
Today has been a day of relaxing and showing Becki around. I met with my doctor this morning and he says that we'll continue with the same treatment as previous. I got the results from my CT scan that was done a few weeks ago. I'm only hearing the results officially from Dr. Wong on April 8th, but I found out earlier because my doctor in Mexico got the results. My tumor has shrunk from 8 mm to 6 mm. The scan showing 8 mm was done in December and I had 2 rounds of chemo & treatment here in Mexico since then. I'm happy it's shrinking but obviously wishing that it had disappeared completely. However, my doctor here is happy with the results and with the nutraceuticals that I'm taking at home we should keep getting good results!
Tomorrow my treatments begin.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last winter while Ramona was recovering from radiation she began making her jean blanket. It was a nice project to work on in her spare time when she felt good enough to work. The project was set aside during the summer as well as during chemotherapy. This picture is taken during family sewing circle.
Here is Ramona with this week's finished product. If you look carefully you can see her emerging hairline. (which she is incredibly proud of....I try not to smile too much)

This was one of the first meals we made when we came back from Mexico. The thing on the right side of the plate is a double. (Chick peas...curry..etc...absolutely delicious). The yellow stuff in the front of the plate is hummus.

The best learning is done by trial and error. We made some unleavened pitas. That was probably the low point of new recipes. Even the unburnt weren't sure if you were eating the pita or if you had accidently put your plate in your mouth. Ramona puts an amazing amount of time into finding new recipes and making good food. She has quite a collection already. It is a huge treat to come home from work to try some new kind of organic food. This food thing is a lot more fun for me than it is for Ramona. Green salad gets boring...especially if you see other people eating food you want.
Ramona's energy seems to be back. At the end of last week we were concerned why she was feeling so rotten.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

The tickets are booked and my 16year old sister, Becki and I are flying to Mexico on March 30th. Earl will be staying home this time, making some money and so I asked my sister to be my companion. We'll be gone just under a week, flying home on April 5th. We're both really excited, I'm a little more apprehensive, realizing I'll be gone from Earl for such a long time. He's been with me this entire journey and I've grown really attached so I know that it is only healthy for me to be a bit more independent.
I had a CT scan this morning. My prayer is that it'll show that the cancer has disappeared completely. I only get the results sometime in April as my doctor is on holidays.
This last week I felt a lot more tired and fatigued than I did the previous week. I was on anti-inflammatories for my knee which caused some stomach discomfort. I stopped the anti-inflammatories and the stomach pain disappeared. I'm wondering if it also made me more tired?? Whatever the case, I'm hoping this week I'll have more energy.
Exciting news!!! I just officially decided that my hair is growing back. Last week the last scraggly eyebrow and eyelash hair fell out. I must admit I looked hilarious with no eyebrows or eyelashes. However, as soon as they fell out, new ones started coming. Now I have teeny, tiny, short eyelashes! My head hair...well, that's only a hairline. Half an hour ago when I looked in the mirror I could distinctly see my hairline so to me that's the first sign. It looks like it'll be dark again. Not sure if that's good or not-I'm thinking my 3rd hair could be something different-we'll see.
That's all for now

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back Home

Yes, we are back at home! I know many of you have been wondering and telling us that we need to blog. Well here I finally am.
I am feeling significantly better than I have in months. I have so much more energy. It's exciting and fun to be able to work harder and do more things than I've been able to do in a long time. My limp slows me down a lot and is frustrating at times. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since my hip surgery. Anyway... My knee is feeling a lot better. I went to a Sports Clinic on Thursday just to make sure that everything was okay. After chatting with the Doctor there and with Dr.Wong we came to the conclusion that I had banged my knee really hard and with time the fluid around the knee should disappear. The Doctor at the Sports Clinic scared me a bit as she was concerned that my swollen knee might be related to my cancer. I had an x-ray done yesterday and had Dr. Wong look at my knee and he wasn't at all concerned. His attitude was "I don't know why they sent you here." That was exactly what I wanted to hear.
Earl is back at work full-time and worked this morning as well. I'm having fun experimenting with my cooking. I'm making many recipes that I've never made before and usually Earl & I enjoy them.
We're still not sure when I'm going back to Mexico but we're expecting at the end of this month. We're waiting on Oasis of Hope to clarify. This time I'd only be there for a week.
Thanks for all your prayers and support and for helping to make the Oasis of Hope a reality.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I guess it saves me the effort of posting pictures. If anyone at Oasis reads this...if you could keep the cord that connects our camera to our computer in a nice safe place until we come back....anyway...we have found an organic food coop in San Diego which seems amazing...I never thought we would find relatively cheap organic food so easily...for dessert yesterday we shared a piece of organic blueberry soy cheezecake for under 3 dollars...(notice how a picture would have been nice here)...anyway...have a good day everyone

Sunday, February 17, 2008's nice to have my 'sign in' option in English instead of Spanish. Just a note to say that we are now in San Diego. I'll go do some research on the San Diego Transit System while Ramona sleeps.
Thanks so much to those of you who prayed for us during this trip,

Friday, February 15, 2008

This picture was taken yesterday. This is facing north from the hospital. Those of you in colder climates may appreciate the fact that snow shut down roads in southern California yesterday. As well, there is a risk of frost in San Diego tonight....

We watched a movie last night.

This is some of our supplements. The great thing is, that if you buy as much as we do, they give you a complimentary suitcase.

This is our last movie night. Popcorn covered in olive oil and veggie salt actually tastes amazing.(Dayna, take note of the blanket.)

Olive oil and veggie salt provides an excellent segway into the world of food. We are a few days from entering the world of health food on our own. We have learned a lot in the last two weeks about what is healthy and what is not and it's time to put that into practice in reality.
Nutrition in the realm of cancer treatment/prevention is an interesting subject. We have been told here that nutrition is only about 10-17% of what affects your cancer. Making up the other 80+% would be things such as stress or getting plenty of rest. Having said that. Studies here have shown that those who maintain their diet, live longer. Disciplined eating habits seem to be a pretty big key to living in such a way as to keep the cancer away. When your eating habits deteriorate, other good lifestyle habits seem to follow. Anyway...we haven't entirely figured out all the details of what we (especially Ramona) will be eating...but...we need to eliminate or nearly eliminate dairy (some organic dairy may be okay) and continue without white sugar and white flour. Meats can include some fish and chicken, eliminate or nearly eliminate red meat. much as organic. This will be quite a challenge and....will obviously have exceptions. All of these changes have reasons...which you can likely research on your own....if you want... At first when we get home we will have incredibly many judgement calls to make and it feels like we need to relearn how to eat. We want to create good habits without going overboard. For is much better to eat pesticide covered fruit than to eat no fruit...
Anyway, we're trying to bring openness to the topic of food...and....
to those of you who eat with us....just ask...
One of our next steps is to get beyond a life that focuses on focus purely on food now would be quite a defeat too.
Sleep good ya'll,
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Things are starting to wrap up here. It almost feels scary....we just got here and now were getting ready to go home. This is the prescription that was given to Ramona today. Some treatments end tomorrow and by Sunday, we head to San Diego. Tuesday....Home. Have a good evening,
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Every morning, I get up early and go down to the 2nd floor to get my makeup done. It's part of the routine here. Good looks equals good health. Whatever...not funny....anyway...this picture was taken last Friday. We were asked to be part of the Oasis photo shoot. Since it is the 45th anniversary of the hospital and they haven't taken decent pictures of the hospital in a decade they decided it was time. Pictures were taken all over the hospital...and we were chosen to be on a few of them in the chapel.

On Friday....the pictures never happened. Daniel Kennedy the CEO "lost faith" in the photographer early in the day and everything was today they had a new photographer and we did the makeup all over again. Daniella was the makeup artist. She has some type of head position in finances but she formerly worked in a did the makeup today.

The picture that you will likely find in the promotional material in the future will be somewhat like this I assume. Dr. Contreras (head oncologist) is an amazing man. This is a posed praying position, but after we finished the pose he told Ramona he had actually been praying for her.

I love this picture.

One last note is regarding Sharon. She passed away early this morning. She miraculously regained kidney function when they thought she wouldn't make it, but then she developed pneumonia and that was too much. Pray for Steve and their families.


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