Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bird's Hill

We went to Bird's Hill Park. It only rained on the ride there! Chemo begins this Tuesday night.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ramona's pain is under control. In fact, there is almost nothing. She sleeps in bed instead of sideways on the couch. I like that.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three years ago today...I was sitting in a small room with Ramona listening to a doctor tell us that Ramona has'm not sure what to say about I'm doing a quick mental feels like a lot of things have happened in that time. For some of you reading this, it means you've been battling for Ramona's health in prayer for three years...and again...thank you.

Our last few days here have felt pretty crazy. The round of chemo ended yesterday at around 4 o'clock. We went home, and when we got here, Ramona went almost straight to her bed. I'm not sure why the pain only started when we got home...maybe it's our stairs...anyway, almost immediately, her left leg was causing excruciating pain. We have a lot of powerful pain medication at our house, but we couldn't get her pain under control. I've seen her in extreme pain many times, but I'm not sure it's been that bad before. Finally at 7 p.m. we headed to the emergency room to try and get her pain under control. I believe this is the first time where the reason we headed to emergency for tumor pain. Finally by 10:00 ish the pain was roughly under control. Ramona stayed the night in emergency with her parents and by 9 this morning was back home. The pain is largely under control now. Ramona slept a large portion of the day today although we did make it out to part of Ryan and Melissa's reception. It's likely that the combination of radiation and chemo in such a short time frame is causing this pain.
So, that's where it's at. I need to go give her a needle and eventually head to bed too.

Sleep well,

Monday, July 06, 2009

Wow! We feel incredibly prayed for!
Please keep praying as treatment plans have changed since our last post. Radiation is being stopped and Ramona is going in for chemo tomorrow night. Chemo has a greater chance of working on both her lungs and her leg.
Sleeping is still a battle due to sharp pain, but in general has improved from a few days ago.
Healing, peace, decreased pain, and a good hospital room are excellent things to pray for.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ramona managed to fall asleep. You're welcome to put your hand on your computer screen and pray
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From a medical perspective, I guess you could refer to this as a bad day. Let me first update you on a few of the things going on.
Last Thursday, we had an appointment to have Dr. Daennick look at the wound on Ramona's right shin.....
We were pretty honest with our nurse about how everything was going and almost without realizing what were doing...we're back in the hospitals
Last friday, we spent the day in HSC getting radiation started. Today was treatment number 3.

Ramona also had a CT scan of her chest today. We have the preliminary results. There is a tumor that is wrapped around her aorta. This obviously deserves immediate medical attention.

I wanted you prayer warriors to know what is going on. Thank you so much for praying for us.

Ramona spends a lot of time awake at night because of pain now...fear is also probably a bigger battle for her than ever before.

It was kinda neat where we could see God today.
We spent quite a bit of time today waiting for our doctor to get the results from the CT scan. Our nurse had given me the heads up that the news wasn't good. She brought me to a different room just before I would talk to Dr. Daennick to hear this from him. As I was sitting there, my attention was drawn to a Canadian Living magazine. On the cover was a small heading with the words 'miracle children'.
I was curious. I opened up the magazine and the main quote of that story is as follows: Where there is great love there are always miracles - Willa Cather.
That's pretty crazy. That's the quote that was on our wedding invitation. Pretty awesome thing to read just before the doctor comes in with his news. Rarely am I so encouraged from a Canadian Living magazine :)