Thursday, August 27, 2009

So....what do you think? Did any of these pictures turn out?
This, by the way is our new house.
In the last few days/weeks we've been looking at 'Healing Homes' or what exactly to do next....and a lot of things divinely lined up for us to go live beside/with Frank and Anne Marie in the suite attached to their house. (The time frame of this move isn't determined yet, most of our stuff is still in our old house...this all happened pretty quickly) We love being around hope filled people. I've seen a fun change in Ramona in the last 48 hours or so. Her digestive system is starting to work again. Her spirits are much much higher than when she dictated that last blog to me. Thanks for going after complete healing with us!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Round 23 ended early. Although that may sound's not. We got the results of my CT scan. Dr. Wong said it wasn't good. I interrupted him because I didn't want to know how bad it really was. I asked if the tumors in my lungs had grown significantly and he said "yes". This means that the chemo I've had for 23 rounds isn't working anymore, and so there was no point in me finishing my last day there. What's the plan? I don't know. Dr. Wong said I could just go home and give up or I could try a new outpatient chemo in three weeks. He has no guarantees that this will do anything.

I'm freaking out because I have a hard time breathing. These results weren't really a big surprise. I have chest pain and difficulty breathing constantly. There are times when I feel like I need an oxygen tank.

I know God wants to heal me just as much as just feels like time is running out. I truly don't know if I'll be alive in three weeks. Please pray for us. Pray for peace and direction and God's healing. Also, pray for our friend Jason, he's still fighting for his life in the Minnedosa hospital.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After getting rid of my hair, we're on the way to the hospital for chemo round #23! (And don't worry, the mohawk is gone already) :)
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hockey & Camping

Last Thursday Earl & I went to a fundraiser hockey game at the MTS centre that was raising money for cancer. The fundraiser was started by a young man who was battling synovial sarcoma. He passed away in 2006 and since then the fundraiser has been growing annually. A bunch of big names were playing so during the 2nd intermission, Earl Cook (who is in the picture with me) and I got to go into the dressing room. Here we saw Jordin Tootoo, Nigel Dawes, Jonathan Toews, Darren Helm, Travis Zajac, Ian White, Derek Meech, etc. The reason we had this special privilege is cause we're also battling sarcomas just like Todd, the founder. Earl, (as in husband) also got to come in. (Let's be honest, he cared about it a lot more than I did. :) ) I also was in an interview that should be put on the internet in about a week or two. I've never heard of anyone else in Manitoba with synovial sarcoma, so I guess that's why I was interviewed.

On Saturday, Earl & I went camping with my family. Rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast but we did some intense praying and God answered with beautiful sunshine!!

My bros are working hard, making toast. (Yes, I know my brothers are hot and yes, they both have girlfriends!!)

We played some hardcore lawn croquet in some seriously long grass. With just a little cheating, Earl & I came in 2nd!

Yesterday Earl & I went to visit our friend Jason & his wife, Aaron. Jason is in the hospital battling sarcoma. He has not been given much more time to live. Jason & Aaron have two beautiful children, Madison and Cole. We spent some time chatting and praying with Jason & Aaron. We asked them if they would be okay if we would mention them on our blog. Although Jason doesn't speak much anymore, he lit up and was open to all the prayer he could receive. They are asking for as much prayer as possible and so we are asking you, as our blogger family, to join us in praying for a miracle for Jason. I know that naturally many of us don't believe that he will be healed-it seems too impossible. However, the exciting thing is that nothing is impossible for God, he delights in doing the impossible-that is His specialty. He only asks that we have a mustard seed amount of faith. I know that my faith seems so small, however I am praying that Jesus heal His body in a miraculous way and that He would touch not only His body but also every inside part of him. May Jesus and His incredible love be made evident to Jason & Aaron. May they experience supernatural peace.

Thanks so much for all your prayers-we know that something happens in the spiritual realm that wouldn't have happened had we not prayed. Therefore we know that every prayer makes a difference-thank you!!

As for myself, this week I am finally feeling a lot better. Last week was pretty rough with stomach pain and no energy. I am still randomly throwing up and having a lot more pain in my right leg due to an infection, but overall I am feeling good this week. Earl & I hung out at the Forks tonight and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We love relaxing outside whenever possible and are loving this hot weather.

Thanks again for your prayers, support and encouragement. Have a great evening
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