Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here's a picture of Earl & I at Donny & Cathy's wedding. Earl's all dressed up cause he was in the wedding party.
I'm doing really well considering all the chemo I've had. My biggest physical struggle is my fatigue. I usually feel like I wake up tired and go to bed tired. I'm heading in for my 4th round of chemo on Monday.
Thank you so much for your prayers, comments, emails, etc. We need you and appreciate you.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

What an encouraging bunch of comments you guys. Thanks so much. I'm not sure how to sum up three weeks of time here, but let me start with the news we heard this morning.

Ramona had her mugga and ct scans on Tuesday and we got the CT results today. This Morning Dr. Wong and Bonnie came into the room, flipped the lights on and smiling from ear to ear they asked if we were ready for the results...well to sum it all up the lung tumors have shrunk by 50% and there is no sign of tumor returning in the hip and auxilla. Dr. Wong gave Mony a big hug and one nurse told me she got goose bumps when she heard the news. I did the only thing I knew how to do and got a cheese cake from Double D's for breakfast to celebrate. This is the first really good news we've had in a while.

Also, the Mugga scan showed that Ramona's heart has remained stable which means we can keep on with the treatments. That is in fact all we really know right now. Ramona on Day 3 of the third round of chemo and we know another round of chemo is scheduled to begin on Nov. 5. After that we once again don't have much of a plan.

Speaking of plans, the doctors are once again making sure that our faith is on God and not in medicine. We had the Telehealth (webcam) appointment with Dr. Waddell in Toronto (although we were in Ashern of all places). This was merely a followup appointment to make sure there were no problems with the last lung surgery. We also asked about the RFA of the lungs. I really put put a bit of pressure on him to make sure he was doing everything he could do to have a long term plan for Ramona. I don't know how to describe his attitude except that it was obvious that in the long term this disease usually wins.

I talked with Dr. Wong about long term stuff as well. And I want to thank everyone who is praying. From his responses it seems that from the way he sees it, every day that Ramona has is already a gift, and because she keeps responding to everything, we'll just keep going and plan day by day almost.

Ramona has the good room again. Which we are incredibly thankful for

........For now,