Friday, June 06, 2008

Earl is now 24. We're camping at Hecla in the rain. We went under a shelter to make brunch. Earl got a bunch of camping supplies for his birthday and we had fun using them. I lit a sparkler and sang "Happy Birthday" to him for the first course of scrambled eggs.
As mentioned previously, Earl is having fun building. Here he's building a cage for my cabbage and broccoli. The idea is that the white butterflies that destroy cabbage are not able to get inside.
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Yes, I still do get to eat 'normal' food. Sometimes I just have to be super creative. (Randy's 19th Birthday)
This spring Earl & I spent a lot of time working outside. It was a lot of work cleaning up the straw that was around our house and over our sewer. We also spent some time building a cat house. Earl taught me how to shingle and use his drill. Definitely a learning experience.
We went camping for Earl's Birthday at the end of May. We got rained out on Saturday so that was really disappointing. We're hoping to just go again soon.
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