Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun story of the day.
While we were in the Healing rooms they called out a few conditions and gave those of us who were at the conference a chance to pray.
Ramona and Dawn (a friend of ours who is herself battling cystic fibrosis) have a chance to pray for a lady with a shoulder problem. As they are praying I can see them smiling and I can see this lady testing out her arm. When I go back to chat with Ramona a little while later, the lady they were praying for is actually up front giving her testimony of healing. She had pain in her right arm that disappeared.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

God is good.
I think it's time to just write. No words will quite sum up what we're experiencing right now anyway.

Chris Gore (one of the pastors) has an incredible testimony. To sum it up, he has lead meetings where they have seen 35,000 miracles in 9 nights. He also has a daughter at home with cerebral palsy that he's obviously contending for. Last year at this same Healing conference, he was up with her the whole night while she was screaming in pain....then the next morning, he was speaking on the goodness of God. Wow!
We saw two pretty ridiculous things happen in Ramona's body. At two different times we were praying over the tumor in Ramona's left leg and felt some shrinkage. It's pretty fun to feel it soften up. Peter, a doctor from the UK was also there praying with us. It's awesome to have his affirmation of what is going on.
Also, we watched Ramona's legs change length. You may wonder what that has to do with healing cancer.....and so do we. Keith (third year student) came to us yesterday and asked if Ramona's legs were different lengths. Sure enough, they were. So, we prayed over them and then one grew. That was pretty fun. They changed, but they still weren't equal. Her body felt like it was lop sided the other way. Later on in the evening, we prayed again and her legs changed again!!!!!!
These are the testimonies we remind ourselves of as we fall asleep while battling for the pain in her back.
A ridiculous number of stories still untold.
Heading to the healing rooms now,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesterday we took a ride to the coast. My wet hand is as close as Ramona got to the ocean :) It was kinda cold and a bit of an awkward descent to the water

Okay, I know this picture didn't turn out to well. We drove hundreds of miles to see big trees...and we finally found them. It was a fun little date on our one day out here that doesn't have any thing planned.

The Bethel church is in the background. You can see the edge of the 24hr prayer house on the left

Ramona is cooling her feet in the Pool of Bethesda. (seen in picture above)

You know, it's alot easier for me to describe these pictures than to explain what's actually going on out here. I just mentioned to Ramona that if we won Lotto would only be another good part of the day.
On Sunday we were incredibly blessed. Bill Johnson spoke sunday morning and Kris Vallatton spoke Sunday night (both messages available at It was almost surreal. While Bill was speaking I kept catching myself looking at the screens instead of him...I was hardly used to him being real.
Ramona was prayed over after both services on Sunday. Both times were incredibly powerful and encouraging. The words spoken over her spoke so
Today we both had sozo sessions. This isn't couselling, it's kinda like having a wise/spirit filled person guide you through the process of the Holy Spirit speaking to you and revealing things.....etc....
Again, powerful and freeing're kinda left with this fun feeling afterward
We had coffee with Matthew this evening. He is the guy who prayer over Ramona Sunday morning after church. It again was just an incredible blessing. It really feels like tonight was simply a giant leap in our relationships with Jesus. There were so many words spoken over us tonight again. So many things spoken over us in the last few days....just line up....and speak to who God is and the incredible plans He has for us.
I've journalled about as much in the last five days as in the previous month and a half.
Tomorrow the Healing Conference begins. The feeling I get is that we haven't seen anything yet.
We've definitely seen some breakthrough in Ramona's body. Although the completion of her healing hasn't happened yet (last I checked...maybe I should quickly stick my hand under the blanket and find out), we can't help but have our faith sky rocket in this sort of an atmosphere. (The quote from Bill Johnson "A day without a miracle is just a boring day" is true)...
We're really blessed with peace
We realized again today how incredibly supported we've been these last three years...I again want to thank everyone for investing in our lives....
It's due to your financial gifts and prayers that we could ever come here.
to be continued......for a long time
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's truly a pleasure being at Jacob and Lilly's house. (this is the picture that doesn't include Hannah Montana)
We were at the Healing Rooms this morning. It's unbelievable. I'm not sure how to describe it. Either you have experienced the presence of God or you haven't. Descriptive words by themselves don't feel like they will accomplish much. There is a much bigger expectation and peace for us being here a second time now. It's a lot of fun to be in such an atmosphere Although we didn't watch Ramona's hip grow out and cancer disappear right there. The understanding that God is good and loves to heal is....confirmed and solidified over and over. It's fun to hear testimonies of healing and watch people waving canes in the air instead of leaning on them

We went to Lake Shasta this afternoon as a family of 10 and took the ride to the Lake Shasta Caverns

Thanks so much for praying for us......

For now,
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We kinda forgot to take pictures last time we were out in we're being more intentional this time. This first picture is Ramona eating ice cream in Denver.

And... we're safely at Jacob and Lilly's house. It's time to sleep. We're going to Bethel's healing rooms in the morning.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off To California!

A little update...
Earl & I had an awesome time at Beyond last Sunday-God's presence was super powerful!! Thanks to all of our awesome friends there who pray and pray and pray. We love you and appreciate you so much!! It's such an awesome thing to be surrounded by others who believe!
And so now our bags are about packed and tomorrow we're off to Redding, California. Earl & I are really excited to see what God's going to do there. We both expect big things. We're longing for huge spiritual growth as well as the cancer being eradicated!! Pray that the tumor pain that I'm experiencing now will not distract me too much. It's so hard not to fear when you have pain due to lung tumors and you know that if they get too large-you'll die. HOWEVER, I believe I will live and that God's got huge plans for our lives. Satan knows it and is just trying to give me fear.

And so that's that. We'll see how well we are with keeping you posted. :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm in one of these moods where if I don't watch myself....I'll just write endlessly...we just got back from an awesome time at Beyond...... my attempt to keep this business-like, I'll get to one of my points.
I was just going to mention that Ramona is not doing chemo this week. We're flying out to Redding on the 22nd and don't want Ramona's counts to be low while we're out there....

...Ramona is also mentioning that a good thing to pray for is her breathing/chest.....something just isn't quite right....

Be blessed and have a good night....


Monday, May 04, 2009

We went to Kendra's funeral on Friday. It's always tough for me when someone passes away, but it's especially hard when it's someone who's battling the same thing I am.

Kendra was diagnosed with E-wing's Sarcoma about a year ago. We spent numerous hours together in the hospital receiving some of the same kinds of chemo. Kendra had a bubbly, happy spirit. She loved to talk!
Kendra and I were both going to beat this and one day we'd have a big reunion with all our other sarcoma buddies and introduce our families and very importantly, our babies.

The last time I saw Kendra was the day she was told that she was palliative. I told her not to believe it, just because the doctors think you're palliative, doesn't mean you're going to die. We both serve a God who's way bigger and does incredible miracles. Even though Kendra had just heard such horrible news minutes earlier, when she visited me she was her usual happy self. She kept saying, "God's got a plan. Either He's going to heal me on earth or He's going to heal me in heaven."

Well, she's in heaven now and a part of me is so jealous. Not one drop of chemo is ever going to touch her again. Right now she has no pain and is running around, having an amazing time.
Kendra, I guess our big reunion is going to happen in heaven someday where we can show off our new bodies and praise Jesus together.
It's going to be lonely in the hospital without you-I miss you
Much love,
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