Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just wanting to let you guys know a bit of what I'm up to next.

I've have an awesome opportunity to attend the school of ministry at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. I was really searching for direction while Trev and I were out there. It's coming up pretty quickly, you can check it out at http://som.catchthefire.com/heart.

It felt wrong to be cleaning out our home in East St. Paul without Ramona there to organize everything (and do more than her share of work). I took the last load out of that house today.

I also totalled the car Ramona and I used for the last 3 years. I brought that car in today too.

My belongings will be spread through out Morweena as I spend the next 5 months at school in Toronto.

I again thank you guys for praying for me. Now, three months after Ramona passed away, I still have numerous people telling me they're praying for me. Within the last few weeks it feels like my head has begun to clear up a little bit...I guess that's a good thing.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

December 15th when I last posted seems like an incredibly long time ago.

I've really procrastinated blogging. This was always something I would do and then get Ramona to check it over. It feels pretty weird doing this on my own.

Thank you so much for the people that continue to pray for me and pray into the Ramona's Reach vision.

It's super obvious to me that people are looking to plug into this vision. I don't really have a ton of detail to add to what's going on. I know money has been sent to Haiti in Ramona's name. Also, it sounds like some of us will be getting together within the next month or two to dream more.

Personally, I had a chance to go the One Thing Conference in KC with Jason, Kev, and Wayne at the end of December. It was pretty awesome to be hanging out with these guys and worshiping together with 15,000+ other people.

I also got back from two trips with Trev (Pastor). On the first trip we went to TACF. There were a lot of awesome miracles there, but it was also quite a trip down memory lane. That's were Ramona and I met Heidi Baker last October....