Thursday, February 04, 2010

December 15th when I last posted seems like an incredibly long time ago.

I've really procrastinated blogging. This was always something I would do and then get Ramona to check it over. It feels pretty weird doing this on my own.

Thank you so much for the people that continue to pray for me and pray into the Ramona's Reach vision.

It's super obvious to me that people are looking to plug into this vision. I don't really have a ton of detail to add to what's going on. I know money has been sent to Haiti in Ramona's name. Also, it sounds like some of us will be getting together within the next month or two to dream more.

Personally, I had a chance to go the One Thing Conference in KC with Jason, Kev, and Wayne at the end of December. It was pretty awesome to be hanging out with these guys and worshiping together with 15,000+ other people.

I also got back from two trips with Trev (Pastor). On the first trip we went to TACF. There were a lot of awesome miracles there, but it was also quite a trip down memory lane. That's were Ramona and I met Heidi Baker last October....



Dayna said...

that's so great that you could be at the one thing conference! i watched/listened to several hours of it online.

i continue to lift you up to the Lord, Earl... and I love seeing how people continue to be touched by Ramona's life and dreams. He's not finished! and He is good.

melissa said...

Thanks for posting Earl. I was just on Ramona's facebook... Missing her!

Brigitte & lilou said...

Thanxs for people who have collected for Haïti in the name of Ramona...
My niece is stuck at GLa since the earthquake.. 18 months little girl... can't wait having her in France

Earl.. You are in my thoughts..
love and Blessing
Brigitte allways with you

Brigitte & lilou said...

and we have no news of Lilou's father...

Anonymous said...

I have been checking every once in awhile on your blog.It was nice to see another update.
SO-O-O- many hearts were touched by what happened in Haiti.Our mom's prayer group were especially thinking of you at that time.You are still in our prayers..
Just to let you know,our daughter Mellinda is going to a birthday party on Feb 20th& the child got to choose what she wanted to do .she wanted to have a bake for Haiti party.ALL money will go to Haiti.
All the parents got a letter in our school,& they will be filling out what they would like .The girls will be having fun getting it all ready to bake.They are doing it at the Hope Center.
They are from the Christian Reformed Church and heard about the work being done by Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.
When this young girl who is going to be 10 yrs old saw pictures of Haiti..her thoughts were she would rather raise money for Haiti,than get birthday presents.She is a very sweet little girl.We are blessed to have her as a friend for Mellinda..will sure let you know how much they make.
Love in Christ

Brigitte & lilou said...

can you pray with all these ladies from Gla foy HaÏti

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for Haiti.As we all see the different stores that are supporting the needs for Haiti.Isn't that awesome to see.Praise God...Our ladies from PAOC are collecting for the needs for them also,shoes,t-shirts
diapers...There is
a whole list of articals they are collecting.Praise God!!

Earl you are still in our prayers.Days like this "valentines day"I know would be very hard for you.Let Jesus continue to comfort you.
In Christs love Janet

Lancelot and Lady's Mom said...

Hey Earl,
Just wanted to let you know that you are OFTEN in my thoughts and prayers.
With Hope,

Crystal Dueck said...

How are you? I was glad to see an new post.. and waiting to hear more. Facebook often reminds me to "Write on Ramona's Wall." I do so every time it reminds me.